Type 2 Diabetes: Here’s how this nut can help lower your blood sugar levels


As a life-long condition, diabetes can be managed by a controlled and healthy diet along with maintaining physical and mental fitness. Nuts, which are good source of nutrition, provide a range of health benefits for all. In fact, they are also considered beneficial for people with diabetes. By controlling blood sugar levels, diabetics can manage their condition well. And nuts help you do that as per the American Diabetes Association.

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A study published in the American Heart Association’s Circulation Research journal noted that by eating five servings of nuts per week, patients with type 2 diabetes had a 17 per cent lower risk of cardiovascular disease. As per the study, people with type 2 diabetes who consumed nuts regularly had a 34 per cent lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, a 20 per cent lower risk of coronary heart disease, and a 31 per cent reduced risk of premature death.

Can cashew nuts help?

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Cashews are lower in fat as compared to other nuts. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Unlike popular belief, cashews contain less amount of fat as compared to other nuts. As per a 2018-study published in the The Journal of Nutrition and Disease, cashew nut consumption increased HDL Cholesterol and reduced systolic blood pressure in Asian Indians with type 2 diabetes. As per the 12-Week randomized controlled trial where the researchers gave 300 participants with type 2 diabetes either a cashew-enriched diet or a typical diabetes diet, it was noted how the nut didn’t show any “deleterious effects on body weight, glycemia, or other lipid variable”.

Common tree nuts including almonds, cashews, walnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios, pine nuts and chestnuts are known to improve heart health.

Cashews are lower in fat as compared to other nuts. Over 75 per cent of the fat in cashews is oleic acid, which is also known to be a heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fat. Being mindful of allergies, experts suggest taking about a handful of nuts every day to enjoy a healthful life.


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