‘How can I unsee it?’: A recipe for ‘Sweet Rose Maggi’ has left many disturbed


There’s more than one way to make instant noodles, but a food blogger on YouTube is drawing flak after coming up with a recipe to make Maggi as a dessert.

Popular Indian food blogger and YouTuber Hemanshi’s ‘Sweet Rose Maggi’ recently went viral after one Twitter user shared the video of how the dish is made. Although the video is a couple of years old, people discovered it recently and have been criticising the blogger for ruining noodles.

Made with milk, condensed milk and dried rose petals, it’s a quirky take on kheer that most people didn’t approve of. While most couldn’t understand why she didn’t simply use vermicilli, others said it was blasphemy and wondered how to unsee the recipe. Many were also concerned because in the video the YouTuber claimed that the recipe is a hit in her household.


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