Power disruption: Monorail rake stuck between stations, 38 passengers stranded for 45 minutes


As many as 38 commuters aboard a rake on the Chembur-Wadala Monorail Phase I corridor were stuck for 45 minutes on Monday morning after a power disruption caused the train to halt between stations. The passengers had to wait until another train was positioned parallelly so they could be evacuated.

The power disruption occurred at 10.15 am between the Mysore Colony and Bharat Petroleum stations.

A senior official of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) said the fire brigade was first called to rescue the commuters. However, before brigade officials reached the spot, the MMRDA sent another rake alongside the stranded train. Metal sheets were placed as bridges to connect the doors of each of the four carriages in the two rakes, enabling the commuters to cross over.

MMRDA Commissioner R A Rajeev said, “Phase 2, which connects Wadala to Sant Gadge Chowk, was functioning, the problem was on Phase 1, which connects Chembur to Wadala.”

Work to restore power to the stranded train continued late into the evening.

Prior incidents

On November 9, 2017, a fire broke out in the rear bogie of a monorail train at Mysore Colony station, after which services were shut for more than 10 months. A committee found the passenger evacuation facilities on the monorail to be inadequate. Noting that the train travels on an elevated corridor, and that a fire would spread quickly, the committee’s report said no pathways were provided for passengers to evacuate a train in case of an emergency.

The MMRDA then decided to create a pathway alongside the monorail track, but this has not been implemented so far, said sources.


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